Atlanta Winter Beer Festival


About to get my wristband!!
On Saturday, February 4th, 2017, I walked down the stairs of Atlantic Station with one goal in mind and that was to drink every single beer at the Atlanta Winter Beer Festival.

The Festival started at 1pm, but go figure, I was late. Can you blame me? Right before, I was at Hop City Craft Beer & Wine getting my pre-game on. There were free beer samples from a new brewery in Georgia called Arches Brewing. Ryan, one of the pillars of Arches brought 3 really good brews; a Belgian style ale brewed with some type of wood, a traditional European dark lager and a DIPA at 10% that drank like water!! After doing some research, I also found that they were rated #3 in top Georgia breweries by Beer Guys Radio. Looking to hear/ drink more from these guys!

Anyway, back to the Festival. When I finally passed through the checkpoints, I was completely overwhelmed by the amount of people that were in attendance. There was a double-hopload of beer lovers in every direction, which made it quite difficult to decipher who was in line and who was standing around talking. So I started with a familiar brewery; Reformation Brewery out of Woodstock, Georgia and since my original goal was to drink every beer, I started with some savory Chicken Sausage Gravy & Biscuits from The Pig and The Pearl.

Below you will find the order of my tasting journey and you will probably notice, I failed in my goal to drink every single beer.

  1. Reformation Brewery – Stark – 5.5%
  2. Devil’s Backbone Brewing Co. – Eight Point IPA – 6.2%
  3. Dry County Brewing – Namesake Session Ale – 4.9%
  4. Atwater Brewery – Blueberry Cobbler – 8.0%
  5. Devil’s Backbone – Vienna Lager – 5.2%
  6. Gate City – Terminus – 7.8%
  7. Steady Hands – IPA – 6.5%
  8. Dry County Brewing – Chocolate Porter – 5.6%
  9. Three Taverns – Prince of Pilsen – 5.5%
  10. Monday Night Brewing – Bourbon Barrel Drafty – 8.5%
  11. Wild Heaven – Invocation – 8.5%
  12. Dry County – Old 41 – 5.9%
  13. Cherry Street Brewing – CoCo Porter – 6.0%
  14. Monks Mead – Mead – 12.9%


The Goose Island tent that really didn’t have Goose Island. Glad I saw before I stood in line.
Now there were exactly 3 reasons why I didn’t drink every single beer, but you’ll have to wait till my next post to read why I missed my goal and maybe you will learn from my mistake(s).

Overall, a very enjoyable experience. A great majority of the beers I could’ve picked up anywhere but the purpose, at least for me, was to just enjoy the weather, the people and the beer.

Until next time, this is Eric and remember Uncap Everything!


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