Beer Brings Brothers

As a avid craft beer drinker that happens to be black, trust me when I say, I’m in a different world when I go to beer festivals. Full of rock, country and the likes, nothing wrong with that, but it’s not reeeaaalllyy my thing.

There are very few brothas and sistas that actually like beer and for good reasons. The misconception for years by mainstream media & society is that beer is reserved for the country/ western/ hillbilly/ college frat boy. “We” only drink malt liquor and 40s (disgusting).

Well I’m an educated black man with a degree who manages restaurants. I have responsibilities and I intimately enjoy craft beer, Hip Hop, R&B and yes, Rock and would like to emerge craft beer into my surroundings.

And I want you to as well. That’s what I’m doing! Uncap Brews wants you to Uncap Everything!!!

Remove the Limits. Uncap the Limits on what you think. Uncap the Limits of who you associate yourself with. Be friendly to everyone. Don’t be afraid to try something different. One true fact of craft beer, is that it IS bringing people together. So enjoy great beer, great people and #UncapEverything Cheers!!

I’ll do a write up of the festival later, just was inspired by this picture. 



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