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img_6096Today I stopped by The Rook & Pawn, located in downtown historic Athens, GA, a couple hours before my appointment at Pain & Wonder Tattoo. I ordered a Chocolate Stout Herbal Tea because duh, it sounded like a beer. It had a very sweet milk chocolate aroma to it; reminiscent of a tootsie roll.  While I was sitting at the bar, I thought to myself, “I should do another series for Uncap! that’s dedicated to the beautiful men and women that serve up delicious brews. It just so happened that Emma was taking care of me today and she would be my 1st to endure my live interview. At any rate, I present to you Uncap! The Bartender Collection.


Uncap! Emma.

img_6095Emma is originally from Deculia, GA which is about 40 mins from here. She didn’t start bartending in a bar like you would normally think, but behind the coffee giant, Starbucks. We talked about how being a barista really prepares you to be a bartender. She wasn’t the first person that I’ve heard say this, so if you’re an aspiring bartender, get those hands on an espresso machine and get to business.
So Rook & Pawns has brewed coffee, brewed tea and brewed grains, for my favorite drink, which is of course is beer. I asked her to pick a favorite from each of those categories and she said, “Espresso with ice & vanilla and for tea, I’d drink anything with citrus, but nothing creamy that has rich flavors”. And asked about beer, “Sours anything sours and I don’t like IPAs, they all taste the same. The only one I’ll drink is Tropicalia because everything that Creature Comforts puts out is good”. I sense a local bias? Ha, no I agree, Tropicalia is phenomenal.
And if it was her last moments on earth, water would be her drink of choice. I chuckled and she smiled saying, “I’d have a Mojito because they are so refreshing” and I definitely agree!
So if you’re ever in Athens, stop by Rook & Pawn, pick up a good brew and enjoy the company of Emma.
-Uncap! Everything.

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  1. I like how she said she would have water as her last drink. Rook & Pawn sounds like an awesome places, but I don’t know if it would be a place for me. Not too big on coffee or tea (I know I’m weird).

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    1. Uncap Brews says:

      Haha they have a small draft list and it’s right next to Creature Comforts.


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