Day Half of the Tour

The plan was to leave early Saturday morning and drive a little over 5 hours to Raleigh, NC but on Thursday, I visited Athens, GA, home to Terrapin Brewing Co., where I was able to take a private tour and taste some pretty amazing beers. Anyway, I said to myself, “I’m not doing anything Friday so why not leave then” and split up that 5 hour drive to Raleigh. So thats what I did. I used Google Maps to locate cities along the route with breweries and the first stop was Columbia, SC.

Twisted Spur Brewing

Here we are at Twisted Spur Brewing, a small brewpub a little over a year old that serves to bring great beer paired with great food. Head brewer and owner, Chris Baldwin said that “we try to pair our beer every weekend with a new special”, obviously this is someone who pays great attention to every aspect of his beer.DSC_0244 I find something very special and unique at a brewpub because the beer they brew doesn’t just live in the glass, but it’s made to live with the food. It’s made to be experienced not just alone, but complimented with other nuances. Although, I didn’t eat while at Twisted Spur, I did get a flight and tasted a brew Chris had just tapped that was a Habernero Pale Ale and it was not for the faint of heart. Here’s what I had during my flight at Twisted Spur. I started with a very smooth and chocolaty Milk Chocolate Stout then moved to a White Milk Chocolate Stout, which was like a full bodied blonde. After that I had the west coast style Twisted IPA and then the Blood Orange Wheat Ale. Now I’ll tell you, I’ve never been a fan of any beer that has blood orange, but the recipe that Chris did was out of this world. It was amazing, smooth, very well balanced and citrusy.

Beer Check:

  • Milk Chocolate Stout
  • White Chocolate Stout
  • Twisted IPA
  • Blood Orange Wheat Ale


Liberty Brewing

Next stop, Liberty Brewing. Now this place I wouldn’t classify as a brewpub, it was a full on restaurant that had over 70 brews on tap. Now, I almost didn’t classify this into my brewery count, but they do have their own line of microbrews, they just don’t brew on premise. Here, I was able to speak to the bartender, Jackie, who had only been bartending for about 2 years. DSC_0272She was cool, relaxed and tatted bartender, so that was great. I love tats, haha. She was inviting and let me try a couple beers that she suggested, like the De Proef and Cigar City collab; Tropical Triple. That beer was amazing!

Beer Check:

  • River Rat Broad Red Ale Columbia, SC
  • Conquest Harlequin Imperial Stout Columbia, SC
  • NewSouth White Ale Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Quest Golden Fleece Belgian Pale Ale Greenville, SC



Legal Remedy Brewing

After leaving Columbia, I set out to drive to North Carolina I mean thats what April is all about right? NC Beer Month. On the hour drive to Charolette, I thought I’d see if there were any breweries on the way and hell yea, I found one. Next stop, Legal Remedy. Just the name excites me. I felt as if I was going to a place that I could get a “legal remedy” for my aches and pains haha.

Kevin Reid; Leads the barrel age and sour program

So here I spoke to one of the brewers, Kevin, former Chef and now brewer who rocks the appropriate brew beard. He heard of Creature Comforts and Terrapin and enjoys their beer, so I’m already a fan of the guy. Legal Remedy has 24 taps, 23 of which they brew themselves and I really appreciate the creativity of their brews. After finishing up my beers and talking to a guy beside me that said he was in witness protection (no pictures), the bartender hooked me up with a souvenir glass and took me on a small tour of their brewhouse; filled with beautiful stainless steel fermenters. So if you’re ever passing through Rock Hill, SC this is definitely a stop that you will want to make.



Beer Check:

  • Double Indemnity Double IPA
  • Stipulation Strawberry Vanilla IPA
  • Malice Maple Bacon Russian Imperial Stout
  • World Court Mocha Blonde Stout
  • Golden Rule Golden Ale



Half Way There

Because April is NC beer month, I split this day up and will tackle the North Carolina breweries in the next post. So far, I’ve had an amazing time and drank some really cool beer. The crazy thing about this experience so far is that the people that I’ve met probably don’t know each other, but since I’m meeting them all, I’m like the bridge to them all. The rest of the day I do more driving and visit 3 more breweries, all of which are in NC. Stay with me and enjoy the voyage.


P.S. Enjoy my new tat.


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