Uncap: Tanya Lawrence

img_4678It was only right that my next Uncap Interview be with the ever so beautiful Tanya Lawrence, better known by her Instagram tag Babels_Cameron. Last month I did an interview with Ken Wilson and he talked about how she loved his spot on impression of her #brewsteel. So, why not bring a little babel to the conversation.

Uncap! Tanya.

So Tanya, lets hop right into it! The first thing I want to uncap is, “What do you do when you’re not a professional model”?! I mean from the “brewsteel” and the constant and consistent poses, you seem to have it down to a science.

I consider myself first and foremost, a “craft advocate” so on any given day, you can always find me doing something craft beer-related, be it touring new breweries, visiting hop yards, guest brewing, pouring for- and representing- breweries at events, or ducking in at taprooms and craft beer bars to check draft lists or get the word on upcoming beer launches… alongside writing the craft beer portion of the online e-zine Bourbon Zeppelin, of course. Outside of craft, it’s quite honestly just a lot of hiking, birding, and sunbathing. And cheeseboard consumption. Nothing beats a solid cheeseboard.


I love cheese, especially beer cheese! So your very first post was a selfie with only 50 likes, started from the bottom now you’re here right? You’ve come a long way!


The addition of beer definitely gave the self-portraiture some direction [laughs]



Absolutely, couple anything with beer and you have a recipe for success. Well it wasn’t until October 17, 2015 that you posted your very first flight. Your first post was Aug 5th 2014, almost a year before you talked about beer. What changed?  

I never intended to have a carefully-curated or singularly-focused account. I was traveling a lot at the time — checking out countless breweries and craft beer scenes along the way — and saw the opportunity to share it with a broader audience. The reception was stellar, and when I realized that so many others shared our love of craft and craft beer tourism, it further motivated me to seek out what our cities, seaboards, and country has to offer. Taking a week to drink your way from Capitola to Sonoma, mulling over perfectly-executed food-and-beer pairings at Bluejacket in our nation’s capital, schlepping around the mountains of western North Carolina with a backpack full of Burial and Wicked Weed, and raising a glass with friends during Zwanze at San Francisco’s Mikkeller Bar is great and all, but providing that virtual experience to someone else — showing someone else what’s available, and what’s amazing — is rewarding. That’s the real magic.



That is the real magic and you gotta promise that your next adventure in the mountains will involve me!! So, fast forward almost 3 years and you are over 10,000 followers and I’m sure all of them would agree that you have this exotic and rare beauty about you. You’ve had the pleasure of being reposted on various accounts that focus on craft beer and beauty like @craftbeerbeauties who has over 47K! You were also recognized by Men’s Health Mag as one of the 30 Female Beer Lovers You Must Follow. When did you realize that you were officially a “Craft Beer Babe”?


I’m still not sure that I am a “craft beer babe”. Am I a craft beer babe? [laughs] It was a wonderful albeit complete surprise to be recognized by Men’s Health Magazine; I’m amongst great company with those girls, and the article itself was well-articulated. It’s always an honor to be featured, but the true honor is derived from the privilege of shining a light on a beer, or on a brewery, or on a fantastic brewer. I’m honored whenever dialogues are opened, and whenever (if ever…) I can inspire someone to “catch a flight”, seek out a source, or expand their palates by trying a beer they otherwise wouldn’t have tried. I’ll concede to “craft beer babe” status once a brewery throws my likeness on a bottle… And yes, this is the point in a televised interview where I would slowly turn to the camera and wink. [laughs]



I saw a quote recently from @brewtifulapparel that said, “Catch Flights, Not Feelings”, Guess how many posts of flights you’ve posted?

You said I’ve been at this for about eighteen months now? If we estimate about one flight per weekend that had us coming in at what — about seventy-two flights? And fun fact here, I’m pretty sure I was the first to scoop a tee when Brewtiful Apparel threw that quote on a shirt. I’ll show you the photo. [laughs]



You’ve actually caught over 120 flights!! I counted them! From what I saw, your favorite place to catch a flight is at Four Stacks Brewing. What are some other spots in Florida that I need to check out when I visit?

Proof in Tallahassee. Intuition and Aardwolf in Jacksonville. Playalinda along the Space Coast. Civil Society in Jupiter. Funky Buddha in Fort Lauderdale. J. Wakefield and MIA in Miami. Big Top in Sarasota. Rapp in Seminole. Arkane Ale Works in Largo. 7venth Sun in Dunedin and Saint Somewhere in Tarpon Springs. Hidden Springs, Coppertail, Angry Chair, and Cigar City in Tampa. And Green Bench and Cycle in Saint Pete. And whatever you do, don’t leave Saint Pete without stopping in and seeing the girls at Hawthorne Bottle Shoppe. Hands-down killer bottle selection and drafts. If you can’t tell, we just circumnavigated the state there [laughs].


Last question, I ask everyone this one, if it was your last moment on earth, what brew would you uncap?

Lou Pepe Framboise, without question. Everything is good and right when you uncork that bottle.


Follow Tanya on her social media places. I’ll link it below!! And Tanya, thank you so much for allowing me to get to know you a little more! Don’t let it be the last time.


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  1. Tanya is such an amazing person. Always like to see what kind of beers or flights she will post about.

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