Second Leg of First Day

At this point on my voyage; ultimate freedom is the position of my spirit. I still can’t believe I’m traveling to drink beer and hold conversations with amazing people. Couple that with my love for photography and my new bad ass tattoo, I’m in my moment, but on to the next one. Got about a hour and a half drive to Charlotte, NC.


NoDa Brewing Company

Next stop, NoDa Brewing Company. I was a little late coming from Legal Remedy, but I pulled in exactly when the tour was starting, so I made good time. Mandi, the Taproom Manager greeted me, as we had been in communication about my arrival and taking pictures.


Now before this point in my tastings, every brewery I toured and beer that I tried was a brand new experience. I heard of NoDa Brewing before because a work friend brought back the Coco Loco Porter from one of her trips. The facility was surprisingly very large and from what I could see, there was definitely room for growth in the brewhouse.

Unfortunately, I was unable to get any great shots because the lens on my Nikon was acting up (dust), but iPhone 7+ to save the day. Additionally, I really didn’t talk to anyone there. It was only about 7pm, but I think I was very hangry, but thank God they had a food truck. I had an amazing Pork Belly taco with a 30-minute kimchi slaw; I bought one, then I bought two. Very good.


Beer Check:

  • Hop, Drop ‘N Roll IPA


Birdsong Brewing Company

Next stop, Birdsong Brewing Company!! Right now, its about 8pm and I am exhausted, so another beer, right? I pull into a Birdsong, not far from NoDa and I’m greeted with beautiful streamed lights, outside patio and kids playing a game of corn hole. I went inside to a fairly busy taproom and looked around until I found Lisa and Lauren, my contacts for the evening.


Unfortunately, I was unable to meet with Conor, one of the brewers because he was out of town. And I didn’t really get to interview or talk with Lisa or Lauren since they were pretty busy, but they did allow me to take some pretty cool pictures and have some beer. Now the coolest thing about my experience at Birdsong was the brewhouse. I walked back and….Hip-Hop! Come on, whats better than blaring Hip-Hop and beer? Anyway, that was the extent of my tour there. Spoke to some guests there and made some suggestions to them based off what I knew. The highlight beer to me was the Mexicali Stout; a very good beer with a hint of spice and chocolate. Very well done.

Beer Check:

  • MexiCali Stout
  • Doing Thyme Witbier
  • Free Will Pale Ale



This first day was amazing!! Plenty of beer and great people. Oddly enough, I ended the night at a little outside bar with a glass of water and 2 Chicago style hot-dogs. Can’t wait to share Day 2 with you all. North Carolina Beer Month is here!!


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