Day 3: NC Brewery Tour

Now lets do this!! I’m headed to the little big town, the main event, the capital, the mecca of North Carolina beer; thats right, you guessed it, Asheville. Ever since I said I was going to North Carolina, all I heard was, “you can’t miss Asheville”. So of course I spent a little over a day in this great city.

Green Man Brewery

I literally didn’t know where to begin when I first got to town that morning, but since I had a tour set up at Green Man Brewery, it was an obvious first pick on where to visit.

I arrive at the brewery and started of with their ESB and soon after started the tour. We began by tasting various grains and smelling hops. Our tour guide talked about the history of the brewery and how they strive to stay true to traditional English styles and boasted of being one of North Carolina’s oldest breweries. We drank several samples of beer and then moved on to the tour. This wasn’t my favorite brewery on the tour, but it sure did have some great history attached to it. And it had an impressive bar that overlooked the brewery room. Cheers Green Man!!

Beer Check:

  • ESB – Amber Ale
  • IPA – Duh, an IPA
  • Porter – Duh, a Porter
  • Wayfer – IPA
  • And some others I don’t remember

Burial Brewing

Next Burial Brewing. Literally across the street and on my way over, some guy fell off his bicycle. It was intense. Like really intense.


Burial was special, but nothing special happened there. I didn’t get to tour anything and I didn’t really get to talk to anyone. There were 2 bartenders and they seemed fairly busy! So here’s my beer check. Lame, I know, just one beer, but I love a good Kölsch, especially when its hot out.

Beer Check:

  • Billows Hoppy Kolsch – Kölsch

New Belgium Brewing


According to my friend @stoutshonor_beer, my next stop was the Malt Disney World of North Carolina,  This place was like an amusement park, seriously!! From the theme park-esque entryway to the random slide that brought you down to the lower level, this place was definitly one for the books. I had such an awesome time!!

I got there a little early, so of course I took pictures and drank water! HAHA not, I had a beer until the tour went underway. The tour was led by the coolest guy ever, David. He questioned us on beer basics, the history of New Belgium and the property on which it was built; they are all about sustainability, which is a plus in my book.

The weather was simply gorgeous!! And the beer was perfect!

I was amazed at the construction of the brewery, it was simply brilliant. The taproom was completely separate from the brewery and as you waked across the bridge into Malt Disney World, you knew you would be entering something extravagant.

We started off with some brews and then went down a slide to the lower lever. New Belgium encourages their staff to have fun, so to get down stairs, you have the option of using the slide. This was fun, only one person didn’t use the fantastic slide!!

Beer Check:

  • Fat Tire
  • Voodoo Ranger
  • La Folie
  • I didn’t remember the name of this one (picture below)


Wicked Weed Funkatorium

Headed to a place where the weed is wicked and funky, oh yes Wicked Weed Funkatorium!! I pull up, run in and “oh funk”, I’m at the wrong location. I’m pretty sure I’m not the first one to do this, but I had to literally run around the corner and down the street to get there on time. And I got there sweaty and out of breath.

The Funkatorium varies greatly from every brewery I have visited so far. Where other breweries are warehouses filled with stainless steel fermenters, this is overloaded with barrels. Honestly, this location isn’t technically a brewery, but an “aging house”. This is where WW gets down and funky using wild yeast strains that produce a funky and sour characteristic of beer.

Now if there’s one style of beer I don’t like that much, it’s sour/ funky beers, but I haven’t uncapped enough right. Here’s what we had that day.

Beer Check:

  • Black Angel
  • Malice
  • Reccurant


After Wicked Weed, again, I ran back to where I was parked because I parked somewhere and didn’t pay. What? Yea, illegal. I didn’t have time to find any change!!


Oyster House Brewing Company

At this point, I am dead beat tired!!! I went back to my AirBnB, greeted by my furry feline friend, Lily, go upstairs and CRASH!! It was only like 6:30 and I planned on taking a quick nap. HA, yea, I woke up like 3 hours later and was so mad! Anyway, I drove out at about 10, hoping and praying I could find a good spot. Went by a couple spots that were closed, but thank God for Oyster House Brewing!!
Now let me prep this, I didn’t go out to check out any more breweries, I wanted some food!! No camera, no notes, I just wanted to relax and enjoy a good burger and this place killed it!!

The restaurant/ barpub/ brewery was very cozy, dim and kinda empty. It was perfect! The bartender was extremely hospitable, even know I came in pretty close to closing. I ordered the Oyster House Brew Burger. OMG!!! I can’t even begin to explain how this burger & fried oyster concoction healed my soul. And of course I had some beer.

Again, I didn’t go in to do any type of interviewing or talk to anyone, but I did talk to the brewer and owner of Oyster House Brewery, Billy. His soul sistas, Tina and Aretha are the names he gave his tax tanks. “Motown is where my heart is” and of course beer. I highly recommend this spot. Hole in the wall, almost passed it, but go here. Billy, I hope to return again!

Beer Check:

  • Moonstone Oyster Stout
  • Super Moon Imperial Oyster Stout
  • Amarillo Pillow IPA

Tomorrow. Sierra Nevada. Nuff Said!!


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