Oconee Brewing Company Grand Opening

Yesterday marked the Grand Opening of local brewery, Oconee Brewing Company, located in downtown Greensboro, GA. I’ve been following OBC for the last 6 months prior to their opening; talking to the brewer, sampling beers and touring the facility while it was under construction.

Although, I was going to purchase a ticket and support the brewery, I got a call to come volunteer and pour beer during the event, which I jumped at the opportunity to do. With over 700 pre-sold tickets and gorgeous weather, the event was perfect.


Now since OBC is brand spanking new, Taylor, that bearded gentleman above, started with 4 basic and traditional beers.

  • Lion Lamm is an India Pale Ale that has a light body and medium to strong bitterness. The color was great and the head held up very well.
  • Three One Thousand is a Habernero Pale Ale, similar body to the IPA, but with a slight heat on the finish. This was one of the popular ones of the day, mostly because of curiosity, but repeats of the pour because people genially loved it.
  • GranDunkel is a Dunkelweizen, a wheat beer with a dark roasted flavor. It’s funny because a good majority of people kept referring to it as a stout; which led them to not want to try, but of course I pushed them to #uncapeverything and give it a try.
  • Round Here Beer is a Kolsch and it was by far my favorite beer of the day. A very light bodied German style beer with light fruitiness and a low abv of 4.9%. This was a repeat for me all day long, as well as a great starting point for a lot of the guest.


All in all, a great time. Food trucks from CK’s Smokehouse and Copperwood Pizza made a great pairing with the beers offered. I think that OBC will stick with the more traditional styles of beers, but we will see if they will experiment with some of the new styles we are seeing in the industry now; like DIPAs, Gose and Barrel Aged Beers. I say this in hopes they will read this and I’ll get some of my favorite styles from them.



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