Torched Hop: Atlanta’s Best New Brewpub

Last week Beer Guys Radio did a spotlight on Torched Hop Brewing Company, one of Atlanta’s newest brewpubs and yesterday I visited to find that it just might be one of Atlanta’s BEST brewpubs!

Restaurant first and brewery second, Torched Hop is a large restaurant with a second floor of seating with a balcony that overlooks the brewery below. You see, I’ve always enjoyed going to restaurants that had an open kitchen, but to have an open brewery; this is amazing!


So lets get to the fantastic food and brews that I had the pleasure of indulging. I started with the Haze Craze-Pale Ale, whose ingredients are listed on the menu as follows: “hops, water, hops, yeast, hops, malt, hops, hops”. Now for us Georgia folk that can’t get our hands on the West-Coast Style IPAs, you ain’t gotta do all that trading, trust me. I had the pleasure of snagging a few brews from Cali and this Haze Craze stacks up pretty damn close to that style. The hops are explosive and aromatic and it drinks beautifully. I moved on to their Parched Paddy-Dry Irish Stout. Guinness who? I’m sorry, but Parched Paddy was amazing!! Creamy, subtle coffee and chocolate undertones and they have plans to get this on nitro soon, so I’ll be back for that.

The following brews were tasters; Colonial Kölsch, Ö Negative- Blood Orange Kolsch and the Holy Citramony.


Oh did I mention the wings, look at them. Just look at em!!


Next time you’re in Atlanta, hit me up and lets go to Torched Hop!! I’m excited about the new law passing here in Georgia as well, so I can take some of this home next time. Torched Hop is one of a kind and I’ll put their beer against any of the big boys, I’ll put money,  no wait, I’ll put a beer on it!!

Cheers and Uncap Everything!!


Oh, wait don’t go!! After I left Torched Hop, I was pretty bummed about not being able to talk to any of the brew guys, I went to The Porter Beer Bar for their American Craft Beer Week specials. They had a killer list of drafts, from Burial, Creature Comforts, Wicked Weed (discounted price lol), Allagash and tons more. Anyway, I ordered the Burial’s Surf Wax from a recommendation from a Beerstagrammer and it was pretty damn good.

So while I’m at the bar, I start talking to this girl beside me about her crazy, vibrant and purple beer-slush drink she was having.


Then her boyfriend, buys me a beer. Guess what he gets me? Torched Hop Hops-de-Leon!! It was the first time it was being tapped outside of the brewpub and can you guess why he got it? Yea, this dude, who’s name is Chris is the brewer from Torched Hop!!! HA! Crazy!! Real down to earth guy. Such a great day it was.

Uncap Torched Hop Online!

Torched Hop Brewing


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  1. Hoping that when I come to Atlanta sometime this summer, I can stop by Torched Hop and see what you were talking about.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Uncap Brews says:

      I’d love to take you there bro!! Great brews!


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