Legend: Richmond’s Oldest Brewery

Last week I visited Richmond, VA for a little brewery tour and while this brewery was not on my list, I probably had the best experience here.


This is Legend Brewing Company; out of the 20 breweries in the area, it is the oldest brewery in Richmond at 23 years old. In a time of hazy IPAs and other experimental varieties, it is always comforting to know someone is “still doing it”. They have a very classic and Euro-centered style of brewing; producing ales and lagers, which is rare.

23 years ago, they started with 4 tables, a small menu and their 5 flagship beers, which I did in the form of a flight. Started with the Pilsner and moved on to their Lager, Brown Ale, Porter and I ended with the Golden IPA. The standout brew for me was the lager, a beautiful light and crisp beer with deep malt flavors. The Porter was amazing in aroma; smelled like a Milky Way, very good.



Now all of this information and touring was thanks to my friend Allison, she really made this part of my trip the best. She was very enthusiastic to show me around and not only talk about the history of the brewery, but we talked photography as well.

Check out a little bit of my conversation with Allison below. Legend was a great spot to visit and they will be opening a new location in Portsmouth soon. Until my next tour, Cheers!



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