Southern Brewing Company

DSC_0199If you’ve never heard of Southern Brewing Company in Athens, GA up until this point, then I’m not doing my job that well. A young brewery, around 3 years old, is very much experimental and has a great Southern Woodpile program where wild fermentation blossoms and runs free.

I recently visited a couple days after the 4th and of course, they had some great beer to try and I found out they are big hip-hop fans. We talked about how a lot of West Coast breweries use lyrics from songs as inspiration for their beer and how having “southern” in their name, people tend to think country music and the like. Well someone needs to tell those people about Outkast, Ludacris, Big KRIT, 8Ball & MJG, because you don’t get any more country than that. I hear they are working on something aged in Rum barrels; Rum DMC.

Ok, so back to beer.

Kool Aid blended with a Berliner; sounds perfect for a hot day. As a special for the holiday, SBC did a Cherry Berliner and Blue Raspberry Berliner which made for a very festive color. DSC_0183Not too far from the tradition; where in Berlin they mix woodruff syrup, which is a fruit syrup, with Berliner Weisse by the glass, which “tempers the tart Berliner character”. I think they achieved this idea perfectly with the Blue Raspberry and Cherry Berliner. Another cool idea that happened was this; the bartender poured me both brews in the same glass and it created a little Red, White and Blue head action on top. Charles, the bartender, superb job! I’d come back and drink this any day of the week! God Bless America!!

Now remember when I said Kool Aid? Well, after I thought about how they did this, I started to wonder how many glorious packets of Kool Aid did they have to open? Listen below.

Unfortunately, I forgot to go back and see the hundreds of Kool Aid packets that were ripped open for this refreshing and childhood feel beer.


Cheers and Uncap Everything!

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