Here’s to Your First Beer

You know my story; I did not like beer whatsoever.

Actually, I thought it was the most disgusting beverage a person could drink, but why the change? Why have I made the decision to write about beer, tour breweries and talk to brewers around the United States.

One reason: to Educate & Explore

That’s it. I remember the the first beer I tried was a lite beer and I was completely turned off by the flavorless liquid. It smelled like beer and I just knew it wasn’t for me.

But my question today is this, how was your first beer experience? Did you enjoy the first sip? Did you say to yourself, like I did, I will never drink this stuff again. For the few and elite of us that eventually went back at some point, why did you try again? And are you an avid beer drinker now?

For me, my come back to beer moment was a porter from Yazoo Brewing Company in Nashville, TN. It really sent me into my discovery of craft beer and beer in general. What’s your story? Let me know below.

Big Boss Brewing Company

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  1. jspain3 says:

    I was in the same boat. Had my first beer in a college; a Bud Light, if I remember correctly. Took one long sip of stale, bready bitterness and dumped the rest out. I actually thought the beer had gone bad, like in the movie ‘Can’t Hardly Wait.’ Over the years, I just accepted that beer didn’t taste great, but if you had enough of it, it became palatable. Finally, someone spent the extra $2 for a 12-pack of SweetWater 420 and I realized that (A) not all beers are macro American-Style Lagers, and, (B) beer could be more than just a dull, tasteless vehicle for alcohol, but a beverage that could be enjoyed and savored.


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