Beer Brings Everyone Together, But Who Is Everyone? White? Black?

To a panel of white people the question was asked, “What do you think of diversity in craft beer” and immediately my attention was grasped. Are you ready to feel uncomfortable?

During the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference that question was asked to a panel, but the repercussions of that question didn’t hit me until later when another blogger asked me the following, “How did you feel about a panel of white people being asked about diversity in brewing”.

I think the political & social climate right now is leading people to confront the questions that have been avoided for years. For instance, “Do you see people of color being elevated from just employee status” or “How do we get black owners? How do we get black brewers”?  These questions are destinations. Black owner and black brewer; thats the destination, but how do we get there. Randy Mosher, in his book Tasting Beer, says that “Beer brings people together on common ground”. I hope this conversation with Paige starts a conversation within this community that I find myself a part. These topics are healing mechanisms for the wound in America, but it’s a wound that doesn’t just need to be overlooked, but we need to make it better. We need to care for it.


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