That’s a Nice Glass!

There’s a lot of glass on the back bar of Three Taverns in Decatur, GA. On September 1st, a law went into effect that gave breweries in Georgia the freedom to sell directly to consumers and if I sound like a broken record, it’s because I am., but this is such great news!

What’s so remarkable about this new law is how it’s power transcends every aspect of business at a brewery. When talking to Georgia craft beer trailblazers like Creature Comforts, Wild Heaven, Southern Brewing, Scofflaw and others – the consistent answer to my question of “what will change” seemed to be “I really don’t know”. Many breweries are just unsure of the longing effect of this change.

Wardrobe Change

For now, there’s one thing that has changed. The glasses. Three Taverns is now offering a fantastic new line up of fragile containers to drink their world class beer. It’s a change that Georgia craft beer drinkers are going to love. Its a change for the better.


From left to right:

8oz Teku: Heavy Bell 10%, The Field Has Eyes 7%, Voss Kviek 6%

12oz Teku: Rapturous 5%, Enchantress 5%, Hop Leaf Project: Crave 8%

Craft Master: A Night on Ponce IPA 7.5%

Goblet: A Night in Brussels IPA 7.5%, Dubbel Shot 8%, Quasimodo 10%, Single Intent 5%

16oz Pilsner: Prince of Pilsen 5%

The above listings of glasses are new to Three Taverns. Before the change, they only used a snifter for the tours, but now that consumers are able to get a full pour, proper glassware is being utilized.

You Are Not A Glass on an Island

This isn’t new, but it is. Does that make sense? Scofflaw Brewing, out of Atlanta, is doing the same thing, offering smaller glasses for their big beers. And if you’ve been to Scofflaw, you’d know they don’t have a beer that hits under about 6.5%!! The highest being their Vanilla Abstention that rings in at 13.9%. Imagine giving someone a 16oz glass of that!! It’s a recipe for a disaster that will probably be forgotten if completed.


But that’s the Wrong Glass

One thing I do remember, and quite vividly, after having the Enchantress, a Cranberry Cinnamon Clove Sour Ale and then moving on to the Voss Kviek, a Brett Farmhouse Ale, I asked Brian Purcell, head-brewer, if I could get a goblet with the logo on it so I could take a picture and he promptly said, “but that’s the wrong glass”. I backed down.

Brian has a deep passion for his beer and wants to see it served the way that he intended and I can’t knock him for that. Before September 1st, all glasses were the same and now Georgia breweries can finally server proper glassware for their beer and I won’t take that away from them.

Brian Purcell of Three Taverns Brewery







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