Reformation Brewery | Barrel Aged Jude | Belgian Style Tripel

Reformation Brewery BA Jude

Reformation Brewery | Woodstock, GA | Barrel Aged Jude |

Belgian-Style Tripel

This Belgian-Style Tripel was aged for nine-months in bourbon barrels and opens up with very soft and subtle notes of orange peel, light caramel sweetness and bourbon with traces of raisins and hints of vanilla. A thin layer of head, that dissipates within minutes, vacates the uncovered medium amber colored beer. It’s slightly murky with some clarity.

Right on the front you get the spice character associated with Belgian-Style Tripels; clove. The intensity of that spice is slightly amplified because of the bourbon aging. Some candy apple, golden raisin and caramelized bananas stroke the palette as the warmth and spice of the alcohol coat the throat on the way down. This is sitting at 9.2% and it warms the chest pretty well as you drink it.

The body is medium-light with little carbonation that doesn’t seem to add to the overall mouthfeel of the style. After swirling it, the beer livens up with a light cloudiness feel.

I also did a side-by-side comparison with the base beer, Jude, which I thought was perfect. I wanted to get more complex flavors out of the BA instead of just bourbon and the warmth of the alcohol. Overall, this is a good BA Belgian-Style Tripel.


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