Arches Brewing | Southern Bel’ | Belgian Pale

Arches Brewing | Hapeville, GA | Southern Bel’ | Belgian Pale

Opening from a beautifully designed can with hints of European architecture on it’s label, the Southern Bel’ pours a deep golden and slightly hazy color, with a rich and creamy two-finger head that settles rather quickly. If you wanted to discover the style and depth of this beer without tasting it, all you’d have to do is take a whiff. The nose is perfect; entering with a bouquet of nuttiness, cinnamon, banana, honey and exotic spices in it’s aroma.

The mellow carbonation adds to the softness and drinkability of this beer and while your taste buds are confronted with caramel sweetness, the finish is balanced by a slight bitterness. Now this bitterness, at times, seemed to be unwanted; carrying a very shy bite that is more pronounced on the finish.

Overall, I think the Southern Bel’ is a very clean and balanced Belgian Pale. It’s extremely easy to drink and the flavors are never overpowering. A good representation of this style and perfect to compliment a slice of Brie Cheese to bring out the fruitiness.


Photo Credit: Arches Brewing

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