School is in Session at Akademia Brewing Company in Athens, GA

When you pull into the parking lot of Akademia Brewing Company, it doesn’t look like much, but don’t be fooled. Although the outside is structured with off-colored white brick, reflective glass and a steel pillar frame at the entrance, that reminds you of the Parthenon, the moment you open the doors you are in awe. The inside is open with high ceilings held up by steel beams and accented with hand made chandeliers – were  made by friends and some staff of the new establishment. From the front you get a direct view of the restaurant and brew house – it feels like its all within reach.



Inspired by Greek mythology, higher education and the city Athens, Akademia is the cities newest brewpub created by the minds of Matt Casey and Morgan Wireman. With plans of beginning class (opening it’s doors) on October 16, they will feature at least six crafted brews from the brewery, as well as neighboring breweries on draft.

Now, the beer is great, but I’ll get back to that in a moment – it’s the way in which the beer is served that’s amazing! Akademia has taken a bold and creative move in that they will be pouring directly from the brite tanks. That’s right, you heard me. Instead of filling the kegs and taking them to the bar, they installed six brite tanks directly behind the bar. Now think about this unique experience for the consumer – on the one hand, if they aren’t familiar with brewing systems, its an opportunity for the staff of Akademia to teach and if they are familiar with it, hell, its a new way to experience the beer.

The first time the beer touches oxygen is in your glass. Morgan Wireman


Not only will they serve their beer on draft, but they’ll also be pouring local coffee shop Jittery Joe’s Coffee as a cold brew. Local breweries Orpheus, Southern Brewing Co. and Three Taverns will also be guest taps at the brewpub. The menu features Greek cuisine with pub flare and every one of their sauces are made with the beer brewed in house. The sauces that I tried were amazing!

All the sauces are made from our beer… at first I was a little nervous about it because I’ve always cooked with wine – working in an Italian restaurant, but its actually easier to cook with beer. Chef Nate Eve

Back to the beer.

In the flight, I had the ESB which was your traditional English style bitter, good medium bodied beer with a nice caramel nose. I also had the Kolsch, a favorite of Matt, their Triple, which tasted like a light banana pudding and their Saison. They also had a NEIPA, a Chocolate Oatmeal Porter, Tart Brett Saison and something special that might pop out on the Friday the 13th that they were brewing while I was there. Remember that 13 though because I’m 100% sure about that.

From L to R: ESB, Kölsch, Tripel and Saison (not shown)

Make sure you come out to Akademia  in Athens, GA on October 16. They will be opening at 11am for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. For more information, check out the press release → Akademia Opening Announcement or go to their website.

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