Torched Hop to release Tribunal IPA in cans November 18th

Guess who’s releasing cans?!?!? That’s right. One of my favorite brewpubs in Atlanta, GA, Torched Hop Brewing!!

This is the first look at the can, as they haven’t released any information about it as of now. The first run will be the Tribunal Double IPA, an 8.5% IPA with hints of citrus peel, a sweet tropical nose and some bitterness on the finish. It will release on November 18 and I’m sure there will be a line.

Torched Hop Cans

If you’ve kept up with Georgia Beer over the last couple of months, you’ll notice that Georgia has had a lineup of releases – from Creature Comforts and their Stay G-O-L-D collaboration with Run the Jewels and Interboro Brewing. The Wrecking Bar also recently released the Buds Lightyear Dry-Hopped Berliner Weisse and their brand new Technological Ripeness Double IPA. Jekyll Brewing has also made moves by debuting their NEIPA – the Southern Juicy Juice – a couple of days ago. This is the future of Georgia craft beer!

Now y’all know I’m hoping for the Blues Clues to be canned soon. It’s Torched Hop’s Blueberry Milkshake IPA that has over 400 pounds of blueberries in it!! It’s delicious and probably one of my favorite brews that they have at the brewery.

Make sure you visit Torched Hop on November 18th for the release of the Tribunal IPA. It will NOT disappoint!


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