Monday Night Brewing | Beyond the Clouds

Today, I’m featuring Beyond the Clouds, a Brett IPA from Atlanta based brewery, Monday Night Brewing. It is served in a 500ML bottle with a pretty cool label and drawing of a giraffe with it’s head beyond the clouds. The label also has a raised and textured feel that brings to mind how elevated the experience of wine carries. My friends, it is now the turn of beer.


So let’s get into the characteristics of the beaut and how it taste. If I’m honest, it really all comes down to the following four words.

It’s so damn good.

Pouring into a proper branded glass, BTC has notes of funky pineapple, mango and an overall juiciness that comes through richly. The color of this beer is soft and mellow. A lot of times with the new haze craze, the beer looks exactly like orange juice, but BTC has an almost murkiness to it – honey like hue that allows light to show through. It’s a good balance, even visually.

6.3% ABV, No listed IBU

The flavor profile follows directly behind the aroma – again, very balanced. It has very sharp and brilliant notes of citrus & pineapple and on the back end, the brettanomyces come in. It’s light on the body, but there is a very soft carbonation that adds to a lushes mouthfeel.


This is such clean IPA and a great palette cleanser. I’ll say it again, very balanced. As much flavor as there is, none of the flavors duel against each other and they don’t linger on the back end. BTC is available at Monday Night Garage on tap, as well as in bottles.

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