Pontoon Brewery | Kill the Pain | Berliner

Pontoon Brewery | Sandy Springs, GA | Kill the Pain|

Berliner Weisse

Imagine me with raised eyebrows and telling myself “Well that’s going to be interesting” after hearing about the release of this Berliner brewed with Toasted Coconut, Nutmeg, Pineapple, Mango, Vanilla and Milk Sugar. Kill the Pain is a play on the classic cocktail, Pain Killer.

Pouring this beer gets you a light golden color with a lackluster head.  The aroma coming from this beer was amazing. It was a bouquet of roses, coconut, nutmeg and some pineapple. It was great. I think I would have gotten more aroma if the head hadn’t dissipated so quickly.

Kill the Pain

Flavor wise, it’s rather different than the aroma. And that’s not in a bad way. When tasting, you’re going to get coconut heavy flavors. The coconut slightly overshadows the brightness and juiciness of the pineapple and mango, making it less bright than I would have anticipated. The Milk Sugar contributes a subtle sweetness to it and the vanilla is a nice touch, but again its overshadowed by the coconut brigade.

Overall, it was decent. Honestly, I’m not a fan of beer that attempts to mimic a cocktail. It’s just not my thing. But what Pontoon does well, is the tenacity to try something new. The profile worked well with a Berliner, I just think it could’ve been better executed.

Caps: 6/10



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