Finding Peter Kiley amongst the Best Beers at Monday Night Brewing’s 7 Year Anniversary

Standing in the back of a line of about 40 beer lovers; you’ll find a novice beer blogger eagerly awaiting to enter Monday Night Garage. To my surprise, the first person I see is Peter Kiley, head brewer, with the dopest man bun, energetically greets me with a spectacular smile and says, “Come find me when you get in”.

The future to me is really clear. The vision behind it (Monday Night Brewing) makes sense right now. I fully understand how I’m going to achieve this goal of what this flavor is supposed to be. I got it now. -Peter Kiley; Head Brewer

IMG_6545This man is in his element. And it was clear; this was a monumental day. But finding him in the midst of hundreds of people and highly sought after beers was almost impossible. Spoiler Alert: I found him.

The Best Beers

Tie Seven On. This is their big and funky, celebratory Sour IPA with Brettanomyces that exploded with a wild character that seems to only comes from the mind of Peter. Cue in numerology because on their 7th year, this Sour IPA comes in at 7% ABV and 70 IBU. According to the MNB’s description, “Tie Seven On is built with seven malts, seven hops and fermented with seven different strains of brettanomyces”. This was without a doubt, one of my favorite pours of the day.

As an avaricious fan of the biggest beers; Situational Ethics, a 13.9% decadent beer, comes in second place. This particular variant is a Maple Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout and it will blow you away. Milk chocolate, sweet and thick AF this beer will knock you on your ass if you aren’t careful with it.


As it relates to the three variants coming out this year, Peter says, “They (the current SE) make last years Situational Ethics look like a fucking tricycle next to a Harley. These things are going to rip”! But I was instructed not to give out the details just yet.

Pass the Salt and Pepper Please

The Neon Sanders, a Barrel-Fermented Berliner Weisse with Dragon Fruit and Guava was also a crowd favorite from the celebration. Zhang Zishi, a Barrel-Aged Hefeweizen and the Micro Honey, a Saison with Mango Tree Honey were personal favorites of mine as well. Now when it comes to Monday Night Brewing and their relationship with Hip-Hop you might be quick to think of their recent collaborations with Nappy Roots, but how about Salt ‘N’ Peppa?

Here’s what I’m getting at. Coming from their cask and coming from the Salt ‘N’ Peppa record Whatta Man, I introduce Body like Arnold, Face like Denzel. The base beer being the Drafty Kilt with added lactose, vanilla bean, chocolate, black peppercorn and sea salt. Was not a fan of this one. The peppercorn was a bit much, but I admire the creativity in the idea.

And if you thought I was only a big beer type of person, you’re wrong. The Hop Hut, that’s usually located at their main location, was transported a few miles to the Garage and carried 8 various IPAs. With local favorites like Dust Bunny and Space Force; Monday threw in some new ideas like No Blonde Joke, a Latte IPA. Creamy, slighty roasty and hoppy.

Micro Honey | Saison with Mango Tree Honey

Monday Night managed to throw an awesome party and put some of their best beers forward for this event. There was something for everyone. Congratulations MNB on your success and I can’t wait to share the news of the three coming variants of Situational Ethics.

What are some of your favorite beers from Monday Night Brewing? What do you hope to see them brew in the upcoming year? Hit me up and let me know.


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