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Fruited Gose

Just from the vibrant color, it suggests a razzling tasting experience.

Part of Akademia’s Fructuosum Series, Niobe’s Tears, this fruited Gosé with raspberries and key-lime pours a powerful ruby punch color with a decent 2 finger head that settled in a hurry. Soft tartness on the nose sharpens the overall aroma with a light citrus lemon quality.

Akademia Brewing Company Fruited Gose

On first sip, there’s a lush and silky smoothness that flows across the taste buds. Popular with a Gosé style, the tartness is balanced by salt. Perfect, not overly done. With a formal dry biscuity finish, it’s also refreshing at the same time. Although, medium-bodied with some weight to it, this Gosé drinks incredibly easy with light carbonation.

I personally would have enjoyed a more robust & complex fruit character than just the tartness.  Maybe even the addition of vanilla would have given it just the right amount of warmness.  Akademia executed exactly what it was they wanted to do and I applaud them for that.

Overall, this is certainly a great summer beer. There’s nothing undesirable about it. This rosie colored glass will leave you free to enjoy the weather, robust in thought and craving another glass.

Caps: 7.5/10

Available only in crowlers at Akademia Brewing Company.

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