How I Missed Angry Orchard

First of all, welcome back to the page, although a year and a half of content was unfortunately lost in an update, I’m excited to build it back.

Let’s get right into it.

About a month ago, I received a DM on my Instagram page from a guy asking if I was into cider and if you’ve followed my page, you’ve probably noticed ciders like Buskey have sprouted in my sporadic brewery visits. So, he had my attention.

He had been following the page for a bit, so I’m guessing he knew what I was into.

The Big Apple visits with Apples

Fast forward to the weekend and he’s in town from New York and wants to meet up so he can sample me on the various ciders. Of course, I’m into that, but I had been mad busy at the brewery and couldn’t find a good time to meet with him.

I was coming off an 11-day work week and was deadbeat tired and looking forward to my next day off – Monday.

The only time I could find to meet with him was after work, but politicking after work doesn’t always work. Anyway, it was a busy day and I totally forgot to hit him up, therefore missing the opportunity to connect.

All Who Wander Are Not Lost

Fortunately, all was not lost and all cider was gained.

He left a generous size box of cider at the hotel he was staying at and I went to pick them up.

I had no expectations for what was inside or who he was, so I was intrigued to see what was inside.


Inside there were five large format bottles that revealed a glowing beautiful cider. The labeling was something I hadn’t seen prior to opening the box and then I noticed it said, Angry Orchard.

Texting Angry Orchard

I’m familiar with Angry Orchard because when I first started to drink and I hadn’t found my love for beer, I would frequent Angry Orchard’s selection; my favorite being the Cinnful Apple.

Text Messages

I texted him and was like, “Yo what’s up with the Angry Orchard labels?”

And he was like, “Dude, I’m the head cider maker.”

Anyway, now I’m regretting meeting up with him and not finding the time in my schedule to make it happen.

But I’m stoked to uncap some of these ciders and because I have a couple of them, I’m also excited to share it with my friends.

Here’s what we got: Left-Right

Understood in Motion “used ciders from multiples harvests, all having matured in oak, for as many as four years.” –AngryOrchardWalden

Super Natural is an unfiltered cider, as you can see the sediment on the bottom

EDU is a tart and funky cider which I feel might be a favorite of mine.

Oliver’s Fine Cider is a collaboration between Tom Oliver of Ocle Pychard, Herefordshire and Ryan Burk. That’s in England folks and was imported by the Shelton Brothers. Yea, I’m excited and will definitely share this!



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