O’Connor Brewing Proper Lager

What’s up everyone!

A couple days ago I received a nice care package from my friends in Norfolk, VA, O’Connor Brewing Company.

They were one of the first breweries I visited two years ago before I moved to Virginia, so it’s pretty cool how we are connected now.

So whatcha get E?!?!

I’ll tell you, but first, remember my PorchDrinking article entitled 2019 Craft Beer Predictions | The Changing Face of Beer? You can read that here, but I said that “the responsibility of the brewer in 2019 is to push the limits while simultaneously staying true to the organic and classic brewing traditions.”

The resurgence of the classic style is upon us and the return of styles that are lighter, cleaner and proper are right here.

This is O’Connor Brewing’s Proper Lager, a Helles-Style Lager.

Looking forward to uncapping this in my next review.

Cheers! And much love to O’Conner Brewing Company.

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  1. I like it! Looking forward to your review of it.


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