CapSOUL: The Beginning of a New Venture

Ok, this isn’t about beer, but it is.

This is about expanding the culture and the fold of those that drink craft beer. This is absolulty about diversifying the taproom, the craft beer bar and beer festivals. This is about creating an environment that is conducive to those not familiar with the current state of craft beer, but might be curious about the copious amounts of flavors that beer holds.


This is CapSOUL

Since moving to RVA (Richmond, VA), I’ve noticed that the community of craft beer drinkers and brewery hoppers was different and less diverse to that which I’ve been accustomed to while living in Atlanta.

When I first started Uncap Everything, it was about me and my experience. My view. My thoughts. My education. Now, I want to move past that and reach the people. I want others to experience what I have experienced and sometimes just walking into a brewery doesn’t give the same feeling I have felt.


Hungry or Thirsty

When I started this, I was very ambitious about the increase of information and I didn’t care if I was the only black dude in the brewery asking the white dude about beer. I didn’t know shit about it at the time. I was just hungry (or thirsty) for more information about the beverage I grew to significantly enjoy. My goal wasn’t to be the only one, it just happened and tends to happen for me more often than once.

Gate City Brewing Company – Roswell, GA

I say all this to say, I thought that it was time to create something more intentional and directed to a certain demographic. My journey has been filled with diversity. I’ve met some amazing folk within the beer industry; from brewers to bartenders, but it’s, for the most part, been me.

Black and Brown People

Capsoul is exactly that and does not shadow away from that fact. I am for the culture. I am for the people. I am for inclusion. And if I have to explain myself, then you don’t understand because I’m really not excluding anyone.

Last Saturday I held a soft opening of the Capsoul Hop Crawl at Triple Crossing and Basic City and we had a surprisingly great turn out. We were diverse. We were black. We were white. We were craft beer drinkers. Some were not. We were family. And it felt so right.


Capsoul is about bringing the soul to breweries. The craft. The community and the capturing of those moments.

Our first official event will be held at Vasen Brewing in May and I am overly excited about it. Music. Vibes. Beer. All will be present and crafted towards our family.

Very excited about this as it will also be a business venture.

I’ll see you all along the way.

Remove the Limits. Uncap! Everything.



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