Allagash Brewery | Truepenny Pilsner

It’s supposedly the end of summer and the beginning of fall here in Richmond, Virginia, but the way I’ve been sweating, its been a whole lie. Here’s where the Truepenny Pilsner, from Allagash Brewery, comes into play. Trust me on this, the Truepenny Pilsner is worth every penny.


A newer product in their ever changing and growing catalogue of world class beer, Allagash has released a tried and true style – a Pilsner. And what Allagash does best, Belgian-inspired beers, they succeed with merging with this style as well.

Packaged in a 12-ounce all American color palette, the Truepenny seems to make its stance above the rest in the domestic beer world – through the colors, the bottle and the name.

On to the Taste

Pouring an incredibly clear and straw colored gold, the Truepenny is humble in its greatness. As the first inhale of aroma rises from its medium carbonation, mellow biscuity notes along with the prized Belgian yeast takes stage. I sense this to be very balanced before I even get a quarter of the way to taste.

I immediately fall in love in the classic crispness of a Pilsner with a tinge of coriander and melon on the tongue. At only 5.5%, this Pilsner is great for late summer vibes when the weather doesn’t know the difference between summer and fall.


Overall, this is a world-class beer. A perfect pilsner for those that are in-between the seasons or in-between craft and domestic. The Truepenny stands true in this matter. Take my 2 cents on that.


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