Urban Artifact | Photo Booth

Picked up the Photo Booth, a Grapefruit Gose from Urban Artifact last week and was finally able to crack it open today.  It’s bright, juicy and smooth.

IMG_6325 2

Before last week, I hadn’t heard about Urban Artifact, but one of my followers on Instagram suggested this particular brew and promised to send it my way. Located in Cincinnati, OH, UA is described as “wild, funky, tart, mouthwatering and gossip-worthy” according to their About Us section.

A petite, hot pink and simple font showdown, the 12 ounce Photo Booth is labeled as Sour – Tangy – Bold.

On to the Taste

When I first poured the PB, I was expecting a hue of pink. With the color of the can and the addition of grapefruit, it would have suggested as such. Nonetheless, shimmers of opaque bronze was the pour.

The nose had light sourness with the expected sea breeze saltiness of a Gose. Upfront salt character with a mineral like mouthfeel. If you’re like me, when I see grapefruit, I imagine a certain citrus bitterness from it, this was different. It was the juicy pulp of a ruby red grapefruit that had a deep flavor without the bitterness. Very balanced. Not one flavor outshined the other. Elongated dry finish that left me wanting more.


My overall impression is that this was very well done. Balanced and juicy grapefruit that is refreshing and bright.



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