Pontoon Brewery | Rainbow Smiggles

It’s not everyday small craft breweries make waves with media giants like Fortune, Thrillist or MSN, all in the same week. But Georgia’s Pontoon Brewery has done just that with the release of their award winning Berliner Weisse, Rainbow Smiggles. It features an astounding 300lbs of Skittles and over 100 boxes of Trix.

I know what you might be thinking – “oh great, another silly beer”, but hear me out, this Trix was made for you, not the kids. We are drinking in a time of adjuncts, adjuncts and publicity stunted adjuncts, but let’s be honest. No matter how much of a purest you might be concerning the brewing process or beer trends, they are fun. And for us bloggers and photographers, it provides an exciting and creative way to flush out our creativity.

So lets get to the beer in questions – Rainbow Smiggles.


In collaboration with Atlanta’s Sprayberry Bottle Shop, Rainbow Smiggles comes in at an easy drinking 5.6%. The color has a golden hue and is pretty opaque upon the pour. It  has a decent white head that dissipates rather quickly.

On to the Taste

I didn’t mention this above, but Rainbow Smiggles was also brewed with strawberries, pineapple, vanilla and of course, lactose. The pairing of the two fruits really help bring out the flavors of the Skittles and Trix and made the beer more fruity. Where traditional Berliner Weisses are acidic and sour, this is pretty toned down. On the front end, you get massive fruit flavors, followed by a creaminess like vanilla that’s rounded out with an easy sour finish. Surprisingly, it is not as sweet as I would have imagined, so they did very well executing that.


Rainbow Smiggles is a beer you should get your hands on. Its not only fun, but it taste amazing. And for those wondering, you definitely get more Trix flavor than Skittles.



About Pontoon Brewing

Pontoon Brewing was founded by a group of longtime pals and home brewers who are passionate about developing awesomely scrumptious beer for the Pontoon Lifestyle. We all shared a passion for craft beer, and home brewing together on the weekends quickly became something we always looked forward to. Following long discussions about attempting our dreams we decided to share our passion and start Pontoon Brewing Company in 2014.  The “Pontoon Lifestyle” is the idea of escaping the daily stresses and relaxing on a pontoon boat. For those unfamiliar, a Pontoon boat is commonly known as a slow moving party platform; it can’t go far and can’t go fast so might as well drink.

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