Beer Kulture x Cloudwater | Marzen

As we approach these cooler months, I tend to find myself appreciating and drinking more styles that are distinct in their malt complexity and the Märzen from BK is perfect for that occasion.

One of my favorite times of the year is fall and winter – it’s the dropping of the leaves, the crisp frigid air and in this case, the beer style elegantly known as a Märzen. Traditionally served during Oktoberfest, the Märzen is a full bodied, minimally bitter and malt forward beer that has all the makings of a liquid bread.

The color of this Marzen is a deep reddish brown.

Coming from Florida’s own Beer Kulture, in collaboration with Cloudwater Brew, acts as a gateway beer into the elegant and rich flavor of caramelized sugar, some cookie character and sweet toasted raisin bread.

On to the Taste

The Märzen pours a reddish-brown color with a slightly tan head. The sweet aroma of baked sweet bread erupts so much from the glass, that you can almost taste the moistness of a sweet raisin bread. Its full bodied maltiness is fairly complex, as flavors of caramelized sugar and caramel is bolstered and balanced by earthy hops. And there’s just enough bite on the finish to mellow out the sweetness, but minute enough to leave no trace of bitterness on the palate.

This beer doubles an opportunity for BK to raise money and funds to benefit their “This Ain’t The Beer You’re Used To” scholarship fund. Click here to get the book.

Overall, a very beautiful beer that dances on the floor of sweet malt and happiness. With an ABV of just 5%, it’ll be an easy drinker during the cool afternoons or perfect for that weekend morning trip as you enjoy the outdoors. This will be a hit in any situation.

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