Mack Brewing Co. | IPA

I recently ran across Mack Brewing Co. via Instagram and fell in love with the feeling, representation and branding that was displayed. So, of course, I had to hit them up about getting a bottle of their newly released Mack IPA. Appropriately enough, the Mack is a 10% IPA, so let’s dive in head first….

Vasen Brewing Company | Savvon

Every once in a while, you have that experience with beer that completely blows your mind and excites your taste buds in ways others have not. Vasen Brewing Company, out of Richmond, Virginia, has done just that with the recent and first bottle release of Savvon – a Dry Hopped Farmhouse Ale. The complexity and…

SB85: The Line for Georgia Beer

Theres only one line that really matters. A couple of months ago, I took a trip to Virginia and doing a North Carolina Brewery Tour, visiting over 20 breweries. At each location, I experienced something I never dreamed would happen outside the beautiful lines and curves of the Peach State. I had the opportunity to…

Here’s to Your First Beer

You know my story; I did not like beer whatsoever. Actually, I thought it was the most disgusting beverage a person could drink, but why the change? Why have I made the decision to write about beer, tour breweries and talk to brewers around the United States. One reason: to Educate & Explore That’s it. I…

16 Breweries in 4 Days

Check out the stats of my 4 day brewery tour!! I hit 16 breweries!! Guess how many beers I had!!

Uncap! Bar.Emma

Emma said, “I don’t like IPAs”. What!?! But she explains why, so check it out.